Kuiken Brothers in Midland Park, NJ Hosts Ramsey and Wyckoff Cub Scouts

The week of November 12th Kuiken Brothers, Midland Park, Safety & Compliance Manager Mark Everett, along with his wife Linda, daughter Hannah, and yardmen Ken, Jose and Keanu happily prepared tool box kits for two back to back Cub Scout Packs visiting from both Ramsey and Wyckoff.

Upon their arrival the Cub Scouts, ages 7 to 10, along with their parents and Den Leaders, were given a brief history lesson on Kuiken Brothers, were shown one of our railcars and then escorted through the lumberyard to the Kuiken Brothers Millwork Workshop. With safety being top priority, Mark Everett explained the safety rules of being at a lumberyard and all visitors were given safety goggles. Mark then showed all the boys the different saws that were used to prepare the wood for their tool box kits.

After a brief tour the Cub Scouts were quickly put to work building their tool boxes. After a little more than an hour of hard work and determination by these young boys, we are pleased to announce, the two Cub Scout Packs from both Ramsey and Wyckoff successfully completed their achievement and built their own tool box.

Each Cub Scout left with excitement about their accomplishment and a better understanding of the lumberyard and all the things you could build. They were also pretty excited to be leaving with their new tool box and some awesome safety goggles.

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