Kuiken Brothers is committed to be the leading supplier of residential and commercial building materials which means we make serious investments into our delivery vehicles. Our fleet includes moffet forklift equipped flatbeds, flatbeds, millwork vans, tractor-trailers, hydraulic-lift flatbeds, and pick-up trucks for fast delivery. For larger commercial and multi-family projects, we can provide you with 4, 6 & 8 story boom delivery, and a crane for larger heights. When you order material from Kuiken Brothers, it should look as clean as it did when it left our warehouse. Your reputation matters – we won’t tarnish that reputation.

Kuiken Brothers offers boom deliveries for 6 & 8 story projects and crane for even taller structures (multi-family, commercial projects)

Our 4-way moffett forklift in action at a residential new construction site. Most lumber suppliers would have dumped this load on one of the vacant lots, but we understand that our customer’s time is money. Our experienced material handler neatly stages the various loads throughout the site so that the framers on site can pull from piles as needed. They won’t have to cull through a pile of lumber just to get their day started.

Our fleet of 80+ trucks includes truck mounted, 4-way moffett forklifts which ensures your material is delivered professionally, where you need it. Tight spaces, raised yards, backyards are no problem as our professional drivers maneuver their way through your jobsite to place the material where you need it. No dumping, no hand unloading, no wasting time.