Video: NS Builders Creates Bomb Proof Interior Trim with Kuiken Brothers FingerJoint Poplar Classical Moulding Profiles

Kuiken Brothers Classical Moulding is featured in the latest episode of the Design Build Repeat Show, hosted and created by Nick Schiffer, NS Builders. Nick chose a few of the clean and historically accurate Early American profiles from our Classical Moulding Collection (Crown KB361, Casing KB107 with KB199 backband, Base KB108). All of these profiles are from our in-stock poplar collection and are milled from finger-joint poplar. Nick discusses some of the benefits of finger-joint poplar, including stability (doesn’t tend to twist/ bow like solid sawn poplar) and the longer 16′ lengths help installation efficiencies (less scarf joints in crown and base when installing in rooms that are larger than 16′).

Here’s quick overview of the video…

Have you ever installed a full house of trim only to deal with the wood shrinking and cracking later on? Check out this episode we’re we talk about the steps we take to help prevent issues with our trim packages, we also talk about the trim package we’re using from Kuiken Brothers Classic Moulding collection, including the benefits from a technical side of things.

Trade tips:

  1. Make sure you prime raw plaster before you’re installing any millwork or trim
  2. Make sure you let the trim acclimate in the home, just like you would for flooring
  3. Get the house to a “climate” that will be the normalcy of the life of the home


About Kuiken Brothers Classical Moulding Collection

Kuiken Brothers’ profiles are categorized by architectural style (Early American, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, Colonial Revival, and Traditional Revival) to show which crown, casing and base mouldings go together. In the past, coordinating design elements was difficult and time-consuming and many of these profiles were available only through custom production runs. Kuiken Brothers offers free moulding samples so potential buyers can match them to existing mouldings or see how they will actually look before installation. CAD files are offered on-line for architects and designers to incorporate detail to their blueprints.

To learn more or request a free catalog, visit or call (201) 705-5375. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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