Proper Fasteners for Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors - Available at Kuiken Brothers Locations in NJ & NY

Simpson Strong Tie Connectors can provide tremendous load resisting capacity. In order to achieve this strength, it is crucial that the proper nails (length and diameter are major considerations) are installed according to manufacturer guidelines.

Below, you will see some first generation hangers from brand X (not Simpson Strong-Tie). In the past, to meet load requirements, a tremendous amount of short nails were required when installing these older brand hangers (some of you may still fondly remember installing these!)


Today, advancements in testing, engineering and manufacturing at Simpson Strong Tie was able to achieve the ability to achieve the same load capacities with far fewer fasteners. However, that does not mean that the smaller, shorter nails are acceptable. While there may be less nails used, longer nails are typically required.

Here is an example of


Simpson Strong-Tie offers a range of resources to help ensure the proper fasteners are chosen for your specific application (decks, floor systems (beams and joists), straps & ties (rafters)). Make sure to reference the display label on the boxes of connectors, showroom displays, on their website and in their printed literature. You can also speak directly to the experts at Kuiken Brothers at our locations in NJ & NY for your specific application.



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