FastenMaster's Cortex Hidden Fastening Systems for Trex Fascia Boards - Now In-Stock at Kuiken Brothers in NJ & NY

Kuiken Brothers is now stocking the first hidden fastening system for fascia approved by Trex. The Cortex Fascia Hidden Fastening System is the strongest, easiest way to hide fasteners in Trex Fascia Boards. Cortex for Fascia is engineered for fascia expansion/contraction and plugs are made from Trex fascia board making for a perfect color match. Rather than using a color matched screw to install fascia on a deck where all the other fasteners are hidden, you now have a better option for completely hiding the fasteners with the Cortex Fascia Hidden Fastening System.

Check out this quick video overview:

Each kit features:


Included in each set – Counterbore & Setting Tool – creating the perfect hole for screw and plug

Included in each set – Cortex Screws – 100 pieces

Included in each set – Cortex Plugs – 105 pieces

Installing Cortex Fascia Hidden Fastening System:

  • Cortex for Fascia can be installed using a 18V or greater cordless drill for all parts of this installation. An impact driver is not recommended.
  • For 1×8 fascia, install a vertical row of 2 fasteners every 18″. Use 3 fasteners for 1×12 fascia. Install the first and last row 1″ from board ends, tack the fascia board into place using a few Cortex Fascia screws and leave the heads slightly raised.
  • With fascia in place, drill the recommended fastening pattern using the Cortex Counterbore Tool.
  • Install screws into each prepared hole using the Cortex Fascia Setting Tool. Drive in one continuous motion until fastener is seated, keeping the fastener perpendicular to fascia for best finished look. Install Cortex Fascia Plugs over each screw head.
  • First, align the grain to match fascia and set into position by hand. Using a clean, smooth faced hammer, gently tap plug to flush. Remove the tacking screws, counterbore the resulting hole, fasten and install plugs to finish the job.

If you would like more information on the Cortex Fascia Hidden Fastening System from Fastenmaster, please contact your Kuiken Brothers Sales Representative or fill out the Contact Us Form and a sales representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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