Cap-Tor Screws for Kleer, Trex Transcend, Decking - Available at Kuiken Brothers in NJ & NY

Kuiken Brothers is now stocking the Cap-Tor screws to accommodate some of our new decking lines, including Kleer Decking and Trex Decking.


Cap-Tor is the only screw on the market designed specifically for capstock or coextruded decking. Cap-Tor provides the same level of performance in composite decking as Starborn’s previous composite screws, but features additional design modifications that address some of the particular problems that occur with capstock, including curled waste, dimpling and white shear, as soon below.

(Above – Examples of what can occur with competitive products when used with capstock PVC decking. Cap-Tor is designed to provide a clean, smooth and uniform appearance)

Capstock decking has an extra strong and stable outer layer with more natural looking grains and colors. Typical composite decking fasteners cause several defects in the surface of capstock (dimpling, white shear and curled waste). Capstock decks fastened with Cap-Tor have a clean, smooth and uniform appearance around the screw. With Cap-Tor, the superior finish, grain and color of capstock decking is undiminished by the fasteners used to install it.

Below is a quick chart for you to reference when choosing a color matched screw:

Brown_34_ Brown #34


Trex Transcend Lava Rock, Tree House, Fire Pit, Spiced Rum
Kleer Brazilian Redwood, Golden Teak, Espresso
Gray_37_ Gray #37
Trex Transcend Pewter Gray
Kleer Hearthstone
Warm_Gray_54_ Warm Gray #54
Kleer Cobblestone
Sand_64_ Sand #64
Trex Transcend Rope Swing
Kleer Sand Dune
Chocolate_71_ Chocolate #71
Trex Transcend Vintage Lantern
Cedar_81_ Cedar #81
Kleer Sequoia

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