A Closer Look At The Georgian Mantel Created with Profiles from Kuiken Brothers' Classical Moulding Collection

If you’re interested in bringing back the craft from yesteryear, from an era when mouldings were a part of the initial design and not an afterthought, then we think that you’ll appreciate some of the resources that we offer within our Moulding Design Guide.  We feature all of the moulding profiles and measurements to re-create classic, timeless and historic moulding packages, many from homes built within the United States from over 200 years ago.  The interior elevation below featuring the Georgian Mantel is just one of our seventy combinations we have curated for you to review. Once you’ve had a chance to review the Georgian Mantel, make sure to check out the rest of the moulding packages. You won’t be disappointed!

Georgian Mantel Re-Created with Kuiken Brothers Classical Moulding Profiles

This Georgian Mantel was created using profiles from our in-stock Classical Moulding Collection. This collection of profiles are typical to what would have used in Georgian Style homes from the 1750’s through the 1770’s. A pre-revolutionary style named after England’s King George which would be found in the homes of wealthy merchants and well-to-do land owners.

The individual profiles used in this collection are KB370 Beaded Solid CrownKB336 Cornice Fascia, KB327 Dentil MouldingKB300 CoveKB265 Quarter RoundKB112 Casing. These profiles have bold shapes and proud projections which are typically highlighted with a dentil moulding in public and formal spaces.

In the early days, this would have been considered a way to showcase your wealth and status within the city. Today, this style with dentil detail likely won’t be installed throughout an entire home, but would be an elegant detail in a front entry, a dining room or even a mantel detail. All of these spaces would be considered common, and public where you are likely to entertain guests.

This entire room room is featured in our Moulding Design Guide where you can also learn more about the cornice, crown and casing profiles that are used. Check out the Georgian Style Townhouse.

Kuiken Brothers’ Moulding Design Guide is a digital resource featuring detailed interior elevation drawings of over seventy unique moulding combinations, including full room packages, cornice combinations, coffered ceilings and mantles designs using profiles from our in-stock Moulding Collection. Detailed CAD drawings (DWG & DXF) and inspirational photos can be downloaded as you navigate through the various options.

Interested in learning more, or incorporating these designs into a future project? All profiles used to create these designs use profiles from our own moulding profiles which are in-stock at our locations in NJ & NY, we do ship these profiles nationwide.  We are happy to mail you a complimentary catalog. Simply fill out the Request A Moulding Catalog form, choose whether you wish to receive our Full Line Catalog (showcasing our complete stock collection) the Classical Moulding Catalog (featuring six historically accurate collections) the Modern Craftsman Catalog (Craftsman style with a Classical edge) or all three and we will mail you a copy right away. If you’d like to discuss an upcoming project, please call (201) 652-1912 and a sales representative will follow up with you right away.

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