Stunning Boston Area Custom Home Features Moulding from Kuiken Brothers Classical Moulding Collection

“We build with Craftsmanship & Passion.” It’s a simple message on a simple landing page of Vintage Builder’s website, but don’t let the simplicity fool you. John Hourihan & Ben Fuller of Vintage Builders pack their custom builds full of intricate details and craftsmanship. Their most recent project was completed on a custom home built for a young family in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts.

The mid-sized cottage entry with standing seam metal roof sits elegantly amongst its neighbors. Full of character and intricate details, the home provides a modern look with a traditional edge.  “When someone knocks down an existing dwelling it’s never favored in the neighborhood. It’s change, and what’s typically built is a box, generic design that’s been shipped all over town”, said Horihan.  “We take a different approach. We design a home that fits on the lot. Yes it’s bigger than what was original, but you can’t really tell at first glance. The elevation of the house is calculated by the neighboring foundation heights so it doesn’t tower over the existing houses.  We try to use historic details and proper scale to make a home “feel” right. Meaning, there is something familiar about the style, details and scale of the home when you first approach.

“Over the years I’ve been able to build better and better homes”, said Hourihan. “Before it was one cool detail in a space, then another. Now it’s amazing to see the layers of details executed all at their highest level. This progression of improvement and the challenge of layering in another detail & another is the truly fun part and what defines my personal and professional growth!”

The blue kitchen island is a highlight of the space, featuring brass inlay, which highlights the brass accent installed on all of the vertical grout lines of the subway tile backsplash. Each of the brass accents were 1/4″ x 1/8″ brass custom cut to size on site.

The custom built-in was hand sketched by Hourihan in collaboration with his clients. The beamed ceilings feature the large KB317 crown moulding which adds elegant shadow lines to frame the walnut built-in.

The custom stair was created with aluminum rod rail. The “X” was ripped in half and re-applied once the rod was routed out. The execution in the design and installation is craftsmanship at its finest! The Marvin Window is surrounded by the KB119 casing.

Another look at the custom oak railing with aluminum rods from the second floor landing. The elegant curve of the custom poplar archtop casing over the door provides another custom look, giving you pause in an otherwise linear space.

Seven poplar moulding profiles from Kuiken Brothers Classical Moulding Collection were used to complete this project. For the crown, a combination of the KB354, KB317 and KB316 were used. The casing was a 5-1/2″ KB119 on the first floor and 4-1/2″ KB118 on the second floor. The base moulding is the KB222, with a matching KB243 base cap for the stair risers and other transitional areas throughout the home.

About Kuiken Brothers Moulding Collection:

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