Find individual profiles used in this collection: KB401 Casing, KB336 Cornice Fascia, KB324 Bed Mould, KB314 Crown, KB222 Base, KB106 Casing

Here is one example of how you can combine profiles from Kuiken Brothers Federal Moulding Collection to replicate a historic design. Popular after the Revolutionary War and inspired by English Architect Robert Adam, the Federal Style is much lighter and more delicate than the bold Georgian mouldings. Note the cavetto shapes and simple beads which helps the mouldings to read as more refined in a room. This style would have been popular from the 1770's through the early 1800's and was often ornamented with decorations like urns, swags and busts. The room shown here uses a select few mouldings, but there are many additional profiles in the Federal Moulding section of our website to create a similar, yet custom look of your own.