Kuiken Brothers Kitchen & Bath - A Professional Contractor's Best Resource

Kuiken Brothers Kitchen & Bath Department – a professional contractors best resource and I’ll explain why…

Did you know that there are 9 highly skilled kitchen designers that work for Kuiken Brothers’ Kitchen & Bath Department? Most so-called “kitchen boutiques” have 1 to 2 designers that specialize in working with homeowners and their needs, but few have the experience and understanding of the practical issues that a professional contractor must deal with on every kitchen job.

At Kuiken Brothers, our kitchen designers are capable and well trained to work with homeowners, but their strength lies in their skills at viewing a kitchen project from the contractor’s perspective.


As a contractor, you know that kitchen projects can be very challenging. How many times have you removed existing cabinets only to find pipes or wires that have no purpose in being located where you found them? How many times have you had to re-level a floor or ceiling that you didn’t count on, but that now changes some of the cabinets and how they were supposed to fit. How many times have you had to field fabricate some of the more specialized elements within the kitchen cabinets, such as a custom hood, only to find that the designer who planned the hood has no knowledge of how you should create the hood?


Time is money, so they say, and at Kuiken Brothers we understand that when things like this happen, you are wasting time. We understand that having the cabinets correct, designed as planned, and thoughtfully laid out so that they will work in the “real world” will save you time. The designer’s at Kuiken Brothers understand this better than anyone. They understand because they work with contractors everyday. They speak your language. When we deliver our cabinets to your job, we can ship them out with detailed floor plans to make installation easier. If we have a custom moulding design in mind, we can send you the moulding details and how pieces should work together. When you come to our designers with an unexpected challenge on the job, we work with you to find a solution, not against you to deflect the blame.


At Kuiken Brothers Kitchen & Bath, our only goal is to have you recommend us for your next kitchen job. We keep future business in mind when working with you, not just the current job. Kuiken Brothers has 4 beautiful kitchen showrooms located in Emerson, NJ Succasunna and Ogdensburg, NJ and Warwick, NY.

If you want a true partner on your next kitchen job, and not just a cabinet supplier, we invite you to give us a call. If you would like to learn more about Kuiken Brothers’ kitchen department or would like to find a designer to work with you, please feel free to contact me at dhughes@kuikenbrothers.com or at my direct line at (201) 705-5352.

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