Details on WindsorOne+ Protected Interior Trim Boards at Kuiken Brothers in NJ & NY

As many of you know, Kuiken Brothers has been a big fan of the complete line of WindsorOne trim boards (we stock virtually the entire line of products) which our builder and remodeler customers have been using for both interior and exterior trim. But we have found that not everyone is aware of the WindsorONE+ Protection process, which is the only board that we stock.  Below are some of the facts, and when installed properly, we are certain that you will see that these boards withstand the test of time.

The only Protection Process available that achieves FULL penetration of the board.


  • Penetrates microscopic channels in resins and glues
  • Penetrates heartwood as well as sapwood
  • Carriers bind to the wood
  • Does no damage to the wood structure
  • No volatile solvents or other harmful chemicals!
WindsorONE+ Protected uses the most advanced wood preservative system in the world.
  • 3 EPA registered and globally recognized fungicides
  • 2 EPA registered and globally recognized terminicides
  • Boron adjuvant and water carry the protection components into the wood. They travel through the entire block of wood penetrating and protecting the sapwood as well as the heartwood.
Additional features and benefits include:
  • Protected to the Core!
  • 30 year warranty against Decay, Rot & Termites (including Formosan!)
  • Durable for the Exterior; Healthy for the Interior (IAQ Gold Rated)
  • Protection Process is eco-safe and friendly; you don’t have to worry about negatively impacting the environment
  • Protection Process is performed on finished boards, so there is no residue or unusable material
  • Shaping, sanding, fastening or molding doesn’t diminish the Protection
  • MSDS is the same as Traditional WindsorONE
  • No corrosion to fasteners
  • Eligible for LEED points
  • Manufactured in the USA

If you would like more information on the entire line of WindsorONE products, please visit the Kuiken Brothers Contact Us form and make sure to type “WindsorOne” in the comments/ questions field and a Kuiken Brothers Sales Representative will follow up with you as soon as possible.

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