COVID-19 Coronavirus Operations Update March 18, 2020

Kuiken Brothers locations remain open for business, however we are committed to the safety and well being of our staff, customers, and community.  As such, we are taking the following action to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus as per current State and Federal guidelines.

  • Many sales & administrative staff are now working remotely
  • Digital & Phone Communication remain the primary means of contacting our associates as we look to minimize in-store traffic.
  • Let Us Deliver Your Materials, or load them at our facilities for you.  Customer are encouraged to remain in their vehicles to the extent possible.
  • Mobile payment links will facilitate reduced in-store contact
  • All Locations are now closed Saturdays until further notice, weekday hours are now M – F  7:00am – 4:00pm
  • Showrooms (Millwork & Cabinetry) are now Closed to Public
  • All facilities are routinely cleaned and sanitized.
  • We implore everyone visiting our locations to follow social distancing guidelines and hygiene.

Many of our sales & administration staff are now working remotely. While we have implemented social distancing procedures at all of our sales counters, we strongly encourage customers contact our team remotely by the following:

If you are in need of the contact information for one of your contacts at Kuiken Brothers, please e-mail

By utilizing the technologies available to us, we hope to keep our community healthy, and productive. This is no doubt a challenge to our community, but as a community, we will see it through, together. Kuiken Brothers is here to help. Again, our yards and stores are all open for pick-up and delivery, however we encourage you to use the available technologies to limit in-person activity at this time.

To stay up to date on current communication on how COVID-19 Coronavirus is impacting our business, please consider:

Thank you,

Matthew D. Kuiken
Vice President of Operations
(201) 705-5367

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