Why purchase Andersen Windows & Doors from Kuiken Brothers? In addition to providing the highest quality products, Kuiken Brothers is committed to providing the same level of follow up service to the products that we sell. Customer satisfaction is key and our dealer service network is one of the best in the nation.

Kuiken Brothers is a long time member of Andersen Windows Dealer Service Program (DSP) which enables us to provide high-value service solutions after installation, including providing parts and jobsite labor when necesary. Features & benefits include:

  • Andersen Factory trained expert technicians
  • Purchasing Andersen Windows from Kuiken Brothers offers you a two year labor warranty versus one year from other non DSP retailers
  • Job-site installation instruction available
  • Ranked in the top tier of customer satisfaction rankings by AW for over 15 years
    • Earned Trinity Award (highest in country for Customer Service & In-Home Experience)

We want the products you purchase from Kuiken Brothers to last. We’re committed to you, our customer as we look to earn and establish a lifelong relationship.