ZIP System R-sheathing In-Stock at Kuiken Brothers Locations Throughout NJ & NY

Featuring integrated moisture, air and thermal protection, ZIP System R-sheathing is the simple all-in-one structural panel with built-in exterior insulation.

With the implementation of new building codes mandating increased insulation on exterior walls, there’s a rising demand for Zip-R sheathing. This variant of the well-known Zip System, available for immediate delivery from our stock inventory, features a layer of foam insulation laminated to it, achieving impressive insulation ratings of either R3 or R6.

What is R-Sheathing? With integrated moisture, air, and thermal protection, ZIP System has improved its game by reimagining traditional wall assemblies. The “R” in R-sheathing stands for R-value. R-value is the measure of a material’s ability to resist heat transfer through the substrate.

Huber ZIP System

Why It Works

On the front lines, it battles air and moisture, while on the back, it combats heat and cold. Together, these integrated features form a defense against the elements.

Built-In Exterior Insulation

Polyisocyanurate rigid exterior insulation on the back of the structural panel reduces heat transfer to help keep homes consistently comfortable year-round.

Integrated Water-Resistive Barrier

A resin-impregnated layer is manufactured onto the structural panel, eliminating the need for housewrap. This barrier not only sheds water to the exterior but is also backed by a robust 180-day Exposure Guarantee.

Continuous Air Barrier

Sealed seams with advanced acrylic ZIP System tape and ZIP System liquid flash form a continuous air and water barrier that manages water and reduces air leaks for an energy-efficient exterior.

Structural Durability

The integrated structural sheathing system meets wall bracing requirements and contributes to shear wall assemblies. Plus, the engineered wood panel provides a nail-able, easy-to-flash base.

In-Stock At Kuiken Brothers 

  • R3
  • R6

Kuiken Brothers currently stocks ZIP System R-Sheathing at locations throughout NJ & NY. If you would like more information on Zip System’s R-sheathing please fill out our Contact Us Form, or visit a Kuiken Brothers location in NJ & NY.

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