Find individual profiles used in this collection: KB760 Window Stool, KB402 Casing/ Chair Rail, KB317 Crown, KB300 Cove, KB108 Base, KB107 Casing

Here is one example of how you can combine profiles from Kuiken Brothers Early American Moulding Collection to replicate a historic design. The Early American collection of mouldings is an inspired package that is subtle and clean-lined with a strong historic precedent. In the colonial era, the most common type of moulding plan was a beading plane. A beading plane cuts a small (1/4˝ to 3/8˝) bead into the edge of a piece of wood. It helped add decoration and simple adornment to the corner of wood posts and pieces of trim. In simpler homes of the period, the bead was commonly used when more elaborate mouldings weren't affordable. Today the simple flat casing and base board with the handsome bead on one side has an almost shaker starkness. This package works best in rooms under 9', however in taller rooms will still work with stepped up sizes. The room shown here uses a select few mouldings, but there are many additional profiles in the Early American Moulding section of our website to create a similar, yet custom look of your own.