Kuiken Brothers' Classical Moulding Casing Features Proper Scale & Proportion


Unlike any other in-stock moulding collection available, Kuiken Brothers Classical Moulding focuses on the basics of scale and proportion in classical design. This is most evident in our casing/ architrave offering where every casing has a proportionate 5-1/2″, 4-1/2″ and 3-1/2″ option. For example, the Federal style casing KB106 shown here is 5-1/2″, we also stock a 4-1/2″ (KB104) and a 3-1/2″ (KB137). These perfectly scaled profiles offer seamless design flexibility, and maintain proper scale and proportion throughout a project.

To learn more about Kuiken Brothers’ In-stock Classical Moulding Collection, visit www.kuikenbrothers.com/classical

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