"Jimmy Mac" - Kuiken Brothers Midland Park, NJ Flat Bed Driver

Jim MacDonald, aka “Jimmy Mac” has been with Kuiken Brothers for 14 years. In the first six months at Kuiken Brothers, Jim learned about the yard, load and deliveries. 20130917-015-IMG_6062After six months of training Jim was on the road making deliveries in the millwork van.

kuiken-brothers-delivery-truck2 (1)He loved driving and wanted to drive the flat bed and moffet (forklift which attaches to the flatbed to place lumber loads on-site where customers require, rather than dumping curbside) so he renewed his CDL license and has been making deliveries on the flat bed for the past 5 years.

kuiken-brothers-delivery-truck2 (2)

Jim specializes in delivering big loads of lumber to job sites and unloading with the moffet. Jim is from Hawthorne and has two sons 10 and 16. He loves fishing and believe it or not taking a leisurely ride in his free time.

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