HAAS Architectural Millwork - Custom Helical Radius Railing

Check out some of the custom work available from HAAS Architectural Millwork. Kuiken Brothers can work with you on a wide range of residential and commercial railing applications, especially with the expertise of HAAS Millwork.


HAAS Architectural Millwork is made from environmentally friendly water-based urethane. This material far exceeds the performance of wood without aesthetic compromise. Each pattern is made to exacting dimensions by our staff of master patternmakers. Our materials will not rot and will hold paint better than wood. Every piece comes factory primed with a high emulsion latex paint that can be finish coated with any high quality exterior latex paint.

If you would like more information on HAAS Architectural Millwork, please feel free to give us a call or send us a message through the Kuiken Brothers Contact Form on our website. We will follow up with you right away.

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