Creating a Farmhouse/ Cottage Look with KB Mouldings and Beadboard


This past Spring I spent a few weekends at my house working with our new stock MDF beadboard to create a Farmhouse/ Cottage look in our bathroom. My wife was inspired by this photo she found from TruStile’s website of this two panel MDF door (TS2060) which incorporates the beadboard look we were trying to achieve.

A few months ago Kuiken Brothers began stocking MDF beadboard sheets, which has become real popular, and I can understand why. It was lightweight, paints great, and was easy to work with. To achieve this look for my home, I used the following KB Moulding profiles from our KB Stock moulding collection. Also, for the baseboard (KB210), I used a flex moulding from ResinArt, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the kids closing the shower door …. if it get’s wet, it doesn’t matter!


  • KB775 Flat Stool (as the cap)
  • KB359 (under the stool)
  • KB205/ KB198 Combination
  • KB210 Base Moulding
kb775 kb359
KB775 Flat Bottom Stool KB359 Rabbeted Beaded Cove
kb198-kb205 kb210
KB205/ KB198 Casing Combination KB210 Base Moulding (ordered as Flex Moulding)


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