AdvanTech Flooring Available at Kuiken Brothers Locations in NJ & NY

Kuiken Brothers is stocking AdvanTech Flooring at each of our lumberyard locations in NJ & NY.  Winner of Builder Magazine’s #1 Quality Brand Leader award every year since 2002 and featuring an unmatched, industry-leading warranty, AdvanTech flooring and sheathing products outperform the competition. Let’s take a look.

Defends Against Water Better than Any Other Subfloor

AdvanTech flooring’s best-in-class water resistance protects against swelling, cupping and delamination. This helps improve cycle time by reducing costly reword, construction delays and homeowner callbacks. Watch this video to learn more about AdvanTech’s moisture resistance characteristics:

Industry-Leading Design Strength and Stiffness

Advantech Flooring brings together a superior combination of bending strnegth, stiffness and fastener holding power, helping deliver exceptional structural performance for the flooring system and improving the integrity and quality of the entire home. Watch this video to learn more about AdvanTech’s Design Strength and Stiffness

Speed & Ease of Installation

Now that you have seen that AdvanTech really is a superior options for flooring and sheathing products, let’s take a look at how quickly it actually installs, especially with it’s self-spacing tongue and groove profile which is durable and consistent so every panel of AdvanTech flooring installs quickly and easily. Check out this video for more information.

If you would like more information on AdvanTech Flooring, please visit any Kuiken Brothers lumberyard location, or fill out the Contact Us Form and we will follow up with you right away. We look forward to supplying your next project.

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