Wood Brick Fuel - Now in Stock at Kuiken Brothers Locations in NJ & NY

Kuiken Brothers is now stocking Wood Brick Fuel at our Wantage, Succasunna and Warwick locations. Not only are these great alternatives for residential home fireplaces, fire pits and camp fires, they are also perfect for restaurants and pizzeria’s with wood burning stoves. No longer will restaurant owners have to worry about dirty, debris or even bugs in your premises.

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Wood Brick Fuel is an alternative wood fuel to firewood and cordwood. It is produced from kiln dried wood waste and burns hotter, cleaner, and longer than the equivalent amount of firewood without using any additional binders or accelerants. No special burning appliance is required. Wood bricks are produced by submitting dry wood waste particles to extreme compression forces, using the natural lignin chemicals of the wood as the binding agent creating a wood product denser than typical wood. It is made from recycled wood waste generated by American Wood Products Manufacturers. Customers can be satisfied in using a domestically manufactured, recycled fuel for home heating that is considered carbon neutral.

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Additional features and benefits of Wood Brick Fuel:

  • 100% Wood – No Chemicals, Binders, or Wax Added
  • Denser than Firewood in Easy-to-Use 2 lb. Bricks
  • No Bugs, Less Mess, Less Ash, Less Creosote
  • Always Dry, Ready to Burn or Add to Firewood
  • Not Restricted by Firewood
  • Regulations Concerning Invasive Insects

If you would like more information on Wood Brick Fuel, whether you are a homeowner, camper, or brick oven restaurant owner, please feel free to give us a call or fill out the Contact Us Form and a Kuiken Brothers sales representative will follow up with you right away.

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