WindsorONE+ TRU-CORE Protected Trim & Pattern Boards In-Stock at Kuiken Brothers in NJ & NY

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We have been big fans of the complete line of WindsorONE Protected trim boards for a long time.  In fact, this is the only primed pine trim board that we stock at our locations, so if you order “primed pine” you know that we are always going to deliver a quality product.

Did you know that WindsorONE Protected has not had a single rot claim since it was introduced to the market in 2007? That’s 14 years!!! If you’ve been hesitant to give real wood a shot on your projects, we are confident that WindsorONE Protected Boards won’t let you down like others may have in the past.

Make sure that the back of the board says “Protected”. If you are purchasing material from Kuiken Brothers, this is the only stamp that you will see in our inventory.

How Does It Work?

WindsorONE+ TRU-CORE Protected trim does not require preservative end re-treatment in the field, while LOSP treated wood requires end preservative re-treatment in the field.

Actives Delivered Deep into the Core

  • The Tru-Core penetration technology takes five EPA registered decay and insect control preservatives and transports them to the core of the board, binding them to the wood fibers.

Tru-Core Penetrates Heartwood

  • Tru-Core fully penetrates the heartwood of the board (unlike other outdated technologies). Heartwood typically makes up 30% of a board.

Kuiken Brothers Windsor One Trim Board Protected Plus NJ NY (3)

Kuiken Brothers Windsor One Trim Board Protected Plus NJ NY (4)

WindsorONE+Protected Trim & Pattern Boards feature a Gold IAQ rating which makes it suitable for interior use. Other generic trim boards may feature an outdated treatment done overseas to try to reduce expenses, resulting in off gassing of solvents, raising concerns for interior use safety and environmental protection.

Recommended For:
Door Trim, Fascia, Soffit, Rake, Window Trim, Corner Board, Band Board, Column Wraps

Do Not Use For:
Siding, Planters, Pergolas, Trellises, Decking, Hand Rails, Fences, Exterior Stairs


If you would like more information on the entire line of WindsorONE products, please visit the Kuiken Brothers Contact Us form and make sure to type “WindsorOne” in the comments/ questions field and a Kuiken Brothers Sales Representative will follow up with you as soon as possible.

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