Simpson Strong-Tie RCKW Kneewall Connector in Stock at Kuiken Brothers Commercial Building Materials

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The Simpson Strong-Tie RCKW rigid connectors have been developed to resist overturning moment at the base of exterior kneewalls and parapets as well as interior partial-height walls. These connectors offer a unique anchor-hole pattern that permits anchorage to both concrete and structural steel, with the larger hole designed to accommodate 1/2″-diameter concrete screws such as the Simpson Strong-Tie Titen HD. The RCKWS is a heavy 171 mil (7 ga.) stiffener that nests onto the RCKW clip. The screw holes and anchor holes in the stiffener line up with those in the RCKW clip, making fastener and anchor installation a snap. The RCKW clip and RCKWS stiffener are sold separately.

Kuiken Brothers Simpson Strong-Tie RCKW_RigidKneeWall_AfterTest Kuiken Brothers Simpson Strong-Tie RCKW_RigidKneeWall_BeforeTest

Key Features

  • Anchorage legs incorporate stiffened flanges, improving overturning moment resistance
  • Large-diameter anchor hole accommodates 1/2″-diameter concrete screws and wedge anchors, such as the Simpson Strong-Tie Titen HD heavy-duty screw and the Strong-Bolt® 2 wedge anchor
  • Additional smaller-diameter anchor holes enable attachment to structural steel through use of #12 self-drilling screws
  • Attachment to CMU can be achieved with use of Titen® concrete and masonry screws
  • For the RCKWS: 171 mil (7 ga.) stiffeners are secured to the RCKW clip with screws, optimizing overturning moment resistance and stiffness

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If you would like more information on Simpson Strong-Tie RCKW Rigid Connectors for an upcoming project, please feel free to give us a call at our Garfield or Succasunna locations, or fill out the Contact Us Form and one of our Commercial Building Material specialists will follow up with you right away. We look forward to working with you on your next commercial project.

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