NuCedar Mills Now Offers R and R Shingles and Shingle Panels Milled from Cellular PVC

Kuiken Brothers just received word that NuCedar Mills, the only manufacturer of pre-finished clapboard, vertical siding and mouldings milled from cellular PVC, has announced the expansion of its line to include NuCedar R & R Shingles and Shingle Panels. Building upon strong demand for prefinished cellular PVC products for the exterior of the home, NuCedar now provides “the total package” of cladding products for architects and builders.


Produced in a modern saw mill (not molded), each NuCedar re-butted and re-joint shingle is distinctively unique – allowing installers to replicate the quilting effect that until now could only be created with cedar shingles. Even the 48″ Shingle Panels are made up of unique sets of individual shingles; allowing a more efficient installation without the appearance of noticeable repeating patterns.

Individual shingles come in traditional 18″ lengths as well as a new 13″ length. Shingle panels are available in 5″ and 7″ exposure. All individual shingles and shingle panels are available at the same price per square.

NuCedar Shingle and Shingle Panels can be butted against standard trim and cornerboards, and very importantly, traditional Boston weave corners can be crafted in the field as they would be with cedar shingles.

Like all NuCedar products, NuCedar Shingles are pre-finished in any color imaginable. All prefinishing is done in-house utilizing a solar-reflective coating from Sherwin-Williams® and carries a Lifetime Limited Warranty against chipping, peeling or cracking.


Over time, painted cedar shingles are generally affected by moisture and insect problems requiring on going repair, repainting or replacement. A time-tested advantage of NuCedar products is that they are impervious to water and insects and will, therefore, last for generations.

“Architects and builders have been asking us to offer a total package for years,” states NuCedar President and CEO, Tom Loper. “NuCedar Shingles are a logical extension of our clapboard, vertical siding, trim and moulding offering,” says Loper. “It’s never been easier to make a truly enduring architectural statement with the complete Sherwin-Williams® color palette available on our entire line.”

About NuCedar Products

NuCedar’s complete line of premium, low maintenance cladding replicates the appearance of cedar without many of the maintenance issues that plague wood. In addition to aesthetics and durability, all NuCedar products are 100% recyclable, include at least 20% pre-consumer recycled content and arrive at the jobsite prefinished with a solar-reflective coating endorsed by the U.S. Department of Energy for its energy-saving features.

The baked-on Polane® polyurethane finish hardens to an impenetrable barrier that won’t chip, peel or crack and is available in 1,400 custom color options that match Sherwin-Williams’s® Duration® residential paint line. The entire NuCedar product line is backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Limited Warranty on materials and finish and includes labor replacement for the first full year of ownership.

Kuiken Brothers remains committed to seeking out and offering our customer’s the highest quality siding products on the marketplace – products that will last, and minimize callbacks, helping our builder and remodeler customers grow and maintain their reputation and relationships with their clients.

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