New KB Classical Moulding Casings Save Time, Add Definition

As many of you know, we introduced our brand new, in-stock line of 66 poplar KB Classical Moulding profiles at our Product Expo on November 4th. The response was tremendous with architects, builders and designers alike as we just about ran out of samples and catalogs at the show.

We spoke to a lot of our trimmer customers as we researched the designs for our new Classical Mouldings line. We often heard that “Everyone has the same look. I want to show a client something different.” We were determined to create a collection of mouldings that offered our customers a unique look, a moulding that truly set their job apart from everyone else’s. Based on the feedback from the EXPO, you agree that we met that goal.


Pictured above, left to right: KB104 Casing (1-13/16″ x 4-1/2″) and KB118 Casing (1-11/16″ x 4-1/2″), both of these casings work great in Federal styles homes.  Check out the Federal Mouldings section here.

But another unique element of our new collection is that many of the profiles are based on historical, built-up mouldings that are found in the architecture of our local area. Built-up mouldings are attention grabbers, but can often be labor intensive, we kept that in mind also. People were amazed by the fact that these profiles are milled from one piece of lumber. Many people walked up to the sample boards and thought that the casings were 2 or even 3- piece build up in some cases. When we flipped the profiles on their side to show the end grain to show that they were one piece, the first response was “WOW! Think of the time and labor savings on those casings!” Many of our customers are currently using casings with a back band to achieve a larger, built-up look. That means twice as many cuts and twice and many times walking around the room to install. The mouldings found in the KB Classical Moulding collection have the height and depth only achievable in poplar, plus they are double primed and will be ready for painting with some minor touch ups. Below are a few quick pictures we took of some of the casings.


Pictured above: KB104 Casing (1-13/16″ x 4-1/2″)


Pictured above: KB123 Casing (2″ x 5-1/2″) YES, 2″ THICK!). This casing works great in Georgian style homes. You can check out the crown base and chair rail mouldings that would match this profile in the Georgian Mouldings section.

If you are interested in the KB Classical Moulding collection because you are looking to save some time, or simply because you want to provide your customers with something different, and something that will really impress them, visit any Kuiken Brothers location and pick up a copy of our KB Classical Moulding catalog today. You can also view the entire line in the Moulding section of our website. Architects can download the .DWG or .DXF files to incorporate into their millwork plans. Click here to view the complete collection of KB Classical Mouldings.


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