Flex Moulding and Custom Curved Arches For All Kuiken Brothers In-stock Moulding

When you are looking for a unique product such as flexible moulding, look no further than the experts at Kuiken Brothers.  Ordering flexible moulding can be tricky, and if it is not ordered exactly to the size and specifications of the straight stock that we currently have in inventory, than you run the risk that your moulding will not transtion properly. Our experience helps make sure that you don’t run into these issues.

(Pictured above: Here are two examples of different flexible moulding applications, radius (trim on bottom windows) and straight flex (top windows). The installer chose the KB104 Casing from the KB Classical Moulding collection, which measures 1-13/16″ x 4-1/2″, and still precisely matches the details of the stock poplar KB Classical Moulding profiles.)

We have received numerous inquiries for both flexible moulding and arched applications using the casings in our KB Classical Moulding collection, and are happy to inform you that we are able to match every profile, (even with their fine and intricate details) in flexible moulding, as well as a variety of hardwood moulding, including oak, cherry, poplar, mahogany and maple, as well as MDF.

(Pictured above: Kuiken Brother has the ability to create pre-fabricated arched and curved openings with optional three sided columns at Kuiken Brothers in NJ & NY. This is the KB123 casing (2″ x 5-1/2″)
If you are looking to match any of the moulding found in the Kuiken Brothers Moulding collection, including our KB Classical Collection of historically accurate profiles, or have a custom profile, give me a call (201) 705-5325 or send me an e-mail dhughes@kuikenbrothers.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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