Crown Moulding Ideas

Kuiken Brothers offers a number of different crown mouldings to transform the look and feel of a room. Crowns can be used as individual profiles, or combined with inverted base mouldings, or even more elaborate boxed out cornices to increase the overall size.

Below are a few different ideas which are showcased in our KB Classical Moulding collection of mouldings. All mouldings are in stock and ready for delivery. If you would like pricing information on any of the combinations shown below, please fill out our Quote Request form and provides the approximate footage needed and we will follow up with you right away.

The crown moulding combination above starts with a boxed our cornice and is finished with a 4-1/2″ crown and 3″ bed moulding. This moulding style would be a common in the classic Colonial Revival architectural style. The Colonial Revival style uses a mix of bold and light profiles which were typical in the 1770’s and 1780’s.


The crown moulding package above would be considered an Early American millwork package.  This collection of moulding is a inspired package that is subtle and clean-lined.  Note the simple beading plane at the bottom of the crown combination. This was very common to help add decoration and adornment.


The crown moulding combination above uses a unique fascia board with a simple cove at the bottom to create a strong shadow line and give extra depth. Finishing off this combination is a simple crown moulding (KB314 Crown Moulding) with a bead and a bed moulding (KB324 Bed Moulding). This crown combination would be considered a Federal moulding package.


The crown moulding combination above is an intricate combination using 6 different profiles and blocking.  Historically, combinations this elaborate would have been used in entrances to homes, or formal dining rooms, and then less intricate combinations and profiles would be used throughout the rest of the home.  This combination would have been most common in Georgian moulding and millwork packages.


DSC03649  DSC03651
The crown combination above uses a simple crown moulding and an inverted base. This would be found in a Greek Revival moulding package. Many mouldings found in the Greek Revival style have flat faces in an effort to mimic stone. This looks great today as s simple, yet bold application.


Similar to the Greek Revival combination, the crown moulding package above uses a simple crown moulding with an inverted base moulding.  This helps create a look that would be considered Traditional Revival.  This Traditional Revival style represents an effort to take the classical ideals of the colonial period and adapt them to modern expectations for new homes and houses.
If you would like more information on the KB Classical Moulding collection, please visit the Contact Us Form and make sure to type “KB Classical Mouldings” in the comments/ questions field. A Kuiken Brothers Sales Representative will follow up with you as soon as possible.

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