A Time to Look Back

The idea of Dan’s Millwork Picks originated with the idea of sharing the latest and greatest information with Kuiken Brothers’ customers in order to help keep you on the cutting edge. When I write a new edition, I am always searching for new products and product improvements in order to be able to share with you something that might give you an edge with your customers. I talk to many of you to find out different techniques you may have for product installations in order to keep myself in tune with where the market is headed. To me, this is common sense and will be the way I continue to look at Dan’s Millwork Picks.


But every once in a while, I need to turn my focus from looking forward and to take a minute or two to look back. If you receive any communication from Kuiken Brothers at all, then by now you are well aware that 2012 is our 100th Year Anniversary. We have celebrated this year by holding special customer dinners, focused on thanking you, instead of focusing on the many products from our great vendors. We have special 100th Anniversary Kuiken shirts that we have been passing out to our customers, and in less than two weeks, we will hold our semi-annual Kuiken Brothers EXPO. The EXPO will be a great event where you can see the latest products, learn construction techniques from industry experts and share some great food and laughs with the staff and ownership at Kuiken Bothers, and we look forward to seeing you there.

But 100 years is not just a normal anniversary. The Kuiken Brothers Company is unique and 100 years is quite a milestone. Over the last two weeks, the Kuiken Family held several thank you dinners for our employees. Everyone got a chance to take a break from the hectic workday and spend time with their co-workers and the owners of the company. We were able to share some great food and fellowship and two members from the 3rd generation of Kuiken Family, Doug and Henry Kuiken, shared with everyone their appreciation for the group effort it takes to build a successful company over 100 years. As I listened to Doug and Henry speak of their combined 90 plus years of working and running Kuiken Brothers, I was struck at how personal the company still is for them. As the 4th generation begins to take on more responsibility, this same sense of “family business” has been instilled with them as well. Kuiken Brothers is not a company that they get up in the morning and come to work at and then punch out. Kuiken Brothers is their family and their “family business”. They don’t just come to work here, they live and breathe Kuiken Brothers.


The most valuable information I can share with you in this edition of Dan’s Millwork Picks is that when you buy from Kuiken Brothers, you are buying from the Kuiken Family. Its personal with them, they care that your buying experience is a good one. As a customer, you can take comfort in knowing that with all of the decisions you have to make to run your business, the decision to buy from Kuiken Brothers is the right one. Dealing with Kuiken Brothers is dealing with family…..and that is something you can build on!

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