Trex Transcend Warranty - 25 Year Fade & Stain

Transcend-color-now Transcend-color-25-years

Guaranteed to withstand the rigors of time, weather, and the impromptu dance party.  In fact, Trex stands behind the beauty and durability of Transcend so loyally, they are now offering a Trex Transcend 25-year limited fade and stain warranty. *Will not change more than 5 Delta E (CIE) units (virtually impervious to the eye) A guarantee that’s frankly unheard of with any other kind of decking left to the weather’s (and your lifestyle’s) whims.

Wine-spill Wine-cleanup

For decades to come, you can count on the unparalleled fade and stain fighting performance of your Trex Transcend Decking, complete with effortless and enduring beauty that’s sure to invite a second glance.

For availability and pricing information on the entire Trex Transcend Product line, please fill out our Quote Request form and someone will get back to you right away.

*”will not change more than 5 Delta E (CIE) units (virtually imperceptible to the eye).

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