The Modern Craftsman & Social Media Webinar from Kuiken Brothers LIVE Product Expo 2016

Meet The Panelists

Tyler Grace, TRG Home Concepts (Haddonfield, NJ)

Being immersed in a family construction business at an early age molded an interest in my major and a passion for my craft. After graduating from Drexel University in 2010 with a degree in Construction Management I immediately struck out on my own to pursue a career as a craftsman carpenter and formed TRG Home Concepts, a residential remodeling company specializing in kitchens, bathrooms & finish carpentry. I pride myself on my attention to detail and continue to invest in my business by using high quality tools and materials. A clean and well-organized workspace keeps me efficient and is a standard on all of my projects.

My projects have been featured on Design Sponge, in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Fine Homebuilding Magazine in which I also act as a brand ambassador.

As a business entrepreneur today, I’ve put a strong emphasis on social media marketing and branding. Platforms such as Instagram have been a major factor for the development and progression of my business. My future goals are not necessarily for large scale growth, but to be able to maintain a small highly qualified team of professionals with the same passionate mindset as myself. My intention is to continue to provide my customers with a high quality product, but also a pleasurable experience unique to the construction industry.

Nick Schiffer, NS Builders (Boston, MA)

When I was younger, I used to make my parents drive through new housing developments to see the construction worker’s progress. I also woke up early on weekends and watched the home improvement and woodworking shows. I even stalked every contractor that showed up at our house. It got to the point that I would do my best to wear the same clothes as them.

I insisted on going to a technical high school. I enrolled at Southeastern Regional Vocation Technical High School and focused in House Carpentry. I quickly excelled in the trade. I was often head of the group, but I respected my peers and we would work as team. Later, I went off to college at Fitchburg State University. There, I received a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. Throughout school, I always kept my tool belt behind the seat of my truck and my hands ready to work.

With 11 years working for my father, 3 years working in multi-family high-rise construction and 9 years picking up my own projects, I decided it was only right to focus on what made me happy. I left the big city behind and started my business, with a focus in residential remodeling, building and custom millwork.

John Hourihan, Dir. of Operations Riverstone Custom Builders (Wellesley, MA)

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management and started my own building company where I was a boots-on-the-ground general contractor. If we were pouring a foundation, I was lumping forms. If we had 11 framers onsite, I made 12. When I joined RiverStone Custom Builders, I traded my tool belt for a phone and laptop, and now I manage projects with the same mentality: quality, efficiency, and always pushing the envelope with new ideas and techniques.

Shawn Van Dyke (Business Coach & Industry Consultant)

Shawn Van Dyke is a business coach and consultant to the construction industry. Before he became a business coach, Shawn owned a general contracting and construction management consulting firm. He also serves as the Chief Operations Officer for a residential specialty contractor. Shawn published The Paperwork Punch List: 28 Days to Streamline Your Construction Business as a way to help the skilled trade and construction industries create world-class businesses and change the way the world views the trades. You can find Shawn in all the regular places online – just Google “Shawn Van Dyke” and you’ll find him.

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