Katz Roadshow '09

Monday, March 2nd, 2009 7:30am – 2:30pm
Kuiken Brothers Company
145 Lake Avenue
Midland Park, NJ 07432

Frame to Finish Carpentry Clinic with Mike Sloggatt & Gary Katz

Gary Katz & Mike Sloggatt all in one show! Katz Roadshow Exclusive to Kuiken Brothers!

Kuiken Brothers Company, with support from Windsor ONE, Festool, Stablila, and Andersen Windows & Doors is proud to offer one day of hands-on building clinics with carpentry specialists Mike Sloggatt and Gary Katz.

7:30 – 8:30 Hot Breakfast

8:309:30 Waterproof Windows & Doors and Architectural Trim
Learn the latest techniques for correct flashing and housewrap coordination; ensure that your windows and doors NEVER leak with the proper use of sill pans, self-adhesive membranes, and site-made metal flashings. Master the language and the joinery of radius architectural trim, from pre-assembling trim packages (miters vs butt joints, sloped sills, pocket-screw joinery), to weatherproof caulking installation. Cut radius heads with a plunge router and trammel arm; heat-bend pvc head casings.

10:0011:00 Gable Ends and Eaves
Smarter carpentry using a construction calculator for rafters and trim. Gable-end roof design and terminology with classical eave returns. Using templates and story poles to ensure proper proportion and efficient production. Trimming the gable end and eave return mixing Azek and WindsorONE: when to use wood and how to protect it; when to use PVC and how to join it with durable exterior trim details.

11:0012:00 Lunch

12:001:00  Hang a New Door in an Old Jamb
From scribing to planing to mortising for hinges and boring for lock-sets—techniques that enable carpenters to hang doors properly the FIRST TIME and turn door hanging into an enjoyable and profitable job. Stop removing good jambs in order to hang new doors. Develop a new profit center for your business.

1:302:30 Elliptical Porticos
Eliminate the segmented arch! High-end design with elliptical framing, finish, and trim. Understand the ellipse then use the string method to plot an ellipse and for portico ceiling backing. Take home plans for making a simple jig that cuts a perfect ellipse using a trammel arm and router for finished materials. Use the same techniques for framing coved ceilings and curved hips.

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