Greek Revival Style Mouldings from Kuiken Brothers new KB Classical Moulding Collection - Historical Moulding Ideas

kb-classical-moulding-logo-web-sizeKuiken Brothers recently added 65 new moulding profiles to their existing line of 300+ in-stock mouldings. In an effort to simplify the moulding and millwork selection process, Kuiken Brothers created six different moulding packages based on classic American architectural styles.  These mouldings are grouped in the new KB Classical Moulding catalog for ease of selection. One of the collections is the Greek Revival.  Read below to see how these mouldings were chosen for this architectural style.


The Greek Revival collection is a late classical style found between 1820 and 1860. The architecture was inspired by new discoveries in Greece and our realization and association with their spirit of democracy. The style was contagious in America as towns were renamed Athens and Sparta. Also, new buildings were built in the Greek temple style. The mouldings in this period are plain and bold with little decoration. The mouldings have flat faces in an effort to mimic stone. It looks great today as a simple yet bold application. The room shown here uses a select few mouldings, but there are many additional profiles in the Greek Revival Moulding section of our website to create a similar, yet custom look of your own.


If you would like a copy of this new 68 page KB Classical Moulding catalog, please visit our Catalog Request form page here. We will mail you one right away.  If you have an upcoming project and would like to discuss how you can work with Kuiken Brothers to come up with a millwork design, fill out our Contact Us page and make sure to add “KB Classical Moulding” in the comments field.

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