G-Tapes Construction and Surface Protection Tapes Now In-Stock at Kuiken Brothers Locations in NJ & NY

Kuiken Brothers is pleased to announce that we are now stocking G-Tapes at our locations in New Jersey & New York.

Nichigo G-Tape is an innovative family of acrylic tapes manufactured by Nippon Gohsei, USA. Nichigo G-Tapes provide superior performance in construction and industrial applications while being versatile enough for household tasks. All Nichigo G-Tapes series share the unique feature of being hand tearable. Nichigo G-Tapes can be separated into two major categories:

  • Hard Surface Protection Featuring Residue Free Removal: 1009GR Green & 2010BL Blue (2″ x 164′ in stock)
  • Permanent Adhesion High Performance Tapes & Flashing: 3040BK Black Flashing (2″, 4″, 6″, 9″, 12″ (65′) In-Stock)

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Straight and clean tear by hand … No Cutting Tools Needed
  • Excellent Water & Weather Resistance
  • Residue Free Removal
  • Repositionable
  • Stable Performance in Extreme Low & High Temperatures
  • Removes from face to face adhesive contact cleanly with no loss of Performance (meaning, if you accidentally fold a piece onto itself while removing the backer, you can still peel it apart – it won’t be impossible to separate like alternative options)

G-Tapes 1009GR is a great surface protection tape to use during remodeling and renovation projects. Most commonly used on Builder Board Surface Protection or Cordek, the 1009GR (or Green G-Tape) has the holding power to ensure the tape won’t shred during your project, but also, will also leave no residue behind so you won’t have to worry about re-finishing your clients hardwood floors.

G-Tape’s 3040BK Black (2”, 4″, 6″, 9″, 12″ in-stock) has quickly become a favorite of deck builders across the United States. No other product combines performance and ease of use. Adds protection to deck joists and helps to increase longevity.

Ultimate Flashing performance with unmatched contractor friendly features. AAMA 7-11 Level 3 Class A means 3040BK Flashings meet the highest standards for hot and cold performance and does so without the need for additional primer. Lighter weight than butyl or rubberized asphalt flashings 3040BK outperforms these products by significant margins.

  • 3040BK is used to professionally flash windows, doors, deck beams, etc. Use anywhere you need permanent protection
  • 3040BK Flashings have been shown to adhere to the toughest surfaces and in the toughest environments
  • 3040BK Flashings have been recently tested for 50 year aging and have demonstrated to retain over 60% of original adhesion and over 100% of original tensile strength.

G-Tape’s 1009GR Green is a highly versatile green tape designed to leave no residue when removed from most surfaces. Excellent for surface protection when used in conjunction with our in-stock selection of Builder Board, Rosin Paper, Hardboard and Cordek. This is the tape preferred by professional contractors for adhesion and removability. Check out the quick video below:

G-Tape’s 2010BL Blue 2″ x164′ series tapes are have more adhesion than the 1009 series tapes, but still offer low residue removal. 2010 series tapes have excellent performance with advanced acrylic adhesive and are available in dynamic colors. These tapes are semitransparent and excellent for packaging, masking, and labeling as they are easy to write on with black or colored markers.

If you would like more information on any of these G-Tape from Nippon Gohsei products for an upcoming project, please feel free to give us a call (201) 652-1000 or fill out the Contact Us Form (make sure to add “G-Tapes” in the Comments/ Questions Field and a Kuiken Brothers representative will follow up with you. Out-of-state shipping options available upon request.

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