Federal vs Georgian Architectural Moulding - Key Features of Kuiken Brothers KB Classical Moulding

Kuiken Brothers Classical Moulding Catalog is an excellent design guide for anyone interested in learning about the origin of historic American moulding profiles and understanding the key elements that help differentiate each collection. In the post below, we compare our the Georgian and Federal Collections. Both collections are in-stock at Kuiken Brothers and can be shipped same day.

The Georgian architectural style was predominantly found between 1750 and 1770 Period Homes, whereas the Federal style became popular in Period Homes between 1770 and 1800. You can also see that the Georgian moulding feature bold shapes and proud projects, where the Federal moulding featured simple beads which helped give the moulding a more refined look in a room.

Pictured above, the KB109 Casing, which would have been found in Georgian Period Homes between 1750 and 1770, features bold shapes and proud projections.

Pictured above, the KB104 Casing, a great example of a Federal moulding, as it showcases simple beads to help give the moulding a more refined look in a room.

Kuiken Brothers Classical Moulding collection features 70 historically accurate moulding profiles, including a complete selection of matching crown, casing, base and panel mouldings from the Federal and Georgian time periods. The complete collection is in stock and is highlighted in our KB Classical Moulding catalog.

If you would like a complimentary copy the Classical Moulding Catalog, please complete the Request a Catalog form and we will mail you a copy right away. We also offer complimentary samples so that you can see just how spectacular these profiles will look on your new construction or remodeling project.

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