Masonite Entry Doors Now Featuring Endura Force 5 Door System - Available at Kuiken Brothers in NJ & NY

A well designed and durable threshold system is your doorway’s best defense against relentless rains and cold winter winds. BWI Millwork now offers the new Endura Force 5 Door System as the NEW STANDARD for all Masonite Steel and Fiberglass Entry Doors. The Endura Force 5 Door System components have been precisely engineered to work together from the ground up as a cohesive unit. This exacting formation creates a door system that is proven to deliver excellent performance.

Check out a quick video which highlights one of the components, the Z-Series Composite Sills.

The Endura Force 5 Door System is superior because the parts are designed to work together. When these components are used in conjunction, the seal between the door and the opening is maximized, and air and water infiltration is minimized.

  • Z-Series Sill – Continuous, one-piece sills ensure the integrity of the entire door system. Endura’s sills are precision engineered and feature a composite substrate that won’t rot, warp or deteriorate.
  • Ultimate Astragal – Eliminates the failure of the rubber boot with a patented floating three-point seal that is protected from damage when traveling over the threshold.
  • Weather-seals – Force 5 Door System weather-seals offer the resilience, durability and consistent compression for lasting performance.
  • Door Bottoms – Dual bulb design provides increased surface contact with the threshold for a superior seal
  • Continuous Sills, Headers and One Piece Mulls – One piece headers provide the strength to the entire door unit. Once piece mulls feature superior strength, a perfect fit and require no additional finishing.

Utilizing the Force 5 Door System eliminates:

  • Customer Callbacks
  • Wasted Time on Repairs
  • Lost Productivity on Repairs
  • Lost Revenue on Repair
  • Expensive Damage Due to Water Leaks

For more information on the Endura’s Force 5 Door System, the NEW STANDARD for all pre-hung Masonite Steel and Fiberglass Entry Doors from BWI Millwork, please feel free to give us a call, visit one of our Millwork Showrooms, or fill out the online Contact Us Form and a Kuiken Brothers representative will follow up with you right away.

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