Andersen A Series Exterior Window, Door and Trim Colors available at Kuiken Brothers in NJ & NY

Introducing the new Andersen A Series, featuring 11 Exterior Window, Door and Trim Colors


The Andersen A-Series offers 11 Exterior Window, Door and Trim Colors available at Kuiken Brothers in NJ & NY. White, Canvas, Dove Gray, Sandtone, Terratone, Forest Green, Prairie Grass, Red Rock, Black, Dark Bronze, Cocoa Bean

Let your imagination be your guide. Whether you’re replacing old windows and want to match your home’s design, remodeling with a custom look in mind, or building to a specific architectural style, one system does it all: the Andersen A-Series product line.









window-exttrim-frame-black  window-exttrim-frame-canvas  window-exttrim-frame-cocoa-bean

Black              Canvas           Cocoa Bean

window-exttrim-frame-dark-bronze  window-exttrim-frame-dove-gray   window-exttrim-frame-prairie-grass   window-exttrim-frame-red-rock   window-exttrim-frame-sandtone

Dark Bronze    Dove Gray        Prarie Grass    Red Rock           Sandtone

window-exttrim-frame-white  window-exttrim-frame-terratone   window-exttrim-frame-forest-green

White              Terratone         Forest Green


If you would like us to mail you the new Andersen A-Series Product Catalog, or are interested in pricing and availability for an upcoming project, please fill out the Kuiken Brothers Quote Request form and we will be in contact with you right away.



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