Our Showroom, Your Showroom. Our Millwork & Cabinetry Showrooms were built to be an extension of our builder, remodeler, architect and designer customers’ business. Featuring inspirational, lifestyle installations, our Showrooms are the ideal location to meet with clients in advance of a project where a number of major decisions can be made. Allowing your clients to see, touch and feel the products before they are installed helps put their mind at ease and simplifies the selection process. We believe Millwork Makes the Difference. Having fun with this part of your project can really help take you to the next level.

*Appointments are certainly not required, but if you would like the undivided attention of one of our millwork specialists, we encourage that you call in advance. Saturday mornings between 10am – 12pm are typically the busiest time, so please arrive early if possible, or consider a weekday visit if your schedule will allow.